Revolution.07 stemmed from my own personal revolution, after losing my sister to a losing battle of depression by suicide. That was the day my life forever changed in ways I never dreamed – or feared possible.

The years to follow would lead me down the long and winding road of what seemed like non-stop detour and dead end signs. Many were spent in a fog of overwhelming sadness, followed by a deeply rooted anger following a messy divorce – onto being brought to the other side of the valley. I’m living proof there is such a thing – there is another side. There is light through the darkness – there is sunshine after the storm – and there is hope after the pain.

I look forward to sharing my story with you, in hopes that you may find healing within yourself – from the inside out.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Amanda:
    Thank You for being our daughter. Thank you for being here to teach us & make us more aware of ourselves, our mistakes, our lives & what direction we wish to go. Thank You for all the time you put into each entry, your thoughts, your communication with others, you ….learning…..us learning with you. We are very proud of all that you have accomplished, all that you have learned…simply…. we are very lucky to have you in our lives & very proud of you. Thank You for being YOU!
    Much Love,
    Mom & Dad


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