Uncharted Waters

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As much as I’ve tried to avoid this topic, it just keeps coming back to me! This entry began on something totally different and came right back to this. I’ve written and rewritten it in my head many times, but no matter how much I try and avoid it, it flows through my fingertips as if it’s supposed too. I honestly am not looking for a debate and I’m hoping it doesn’t cause one – but being that it’s a reoccurring theme – I’m feeling obligated to chance it. So, here we go!

It’s hard for me not to get angered and bothered by many of the things going on in the world today, and this has been festering for me personally, for all of 4 years. To see a different angle of the world and humanity as a whole, along with government, big pharma, insurance companies, politicians, corporate America and anyone that has been spoon fed it all their lives (oh no wait, that’s been 99% of us!) I spent the last election season literally piiiiissed at the world the entire campaigning season, I raged about all of it (Mary and Brittany I’d like to apologize for all of those rants 😉 ) because I hated what was going on behind the scenes that noone was willing nor able to see or hear. That was the first time I repeated on a regular basis, ‘I think this country needs a revolution’, that’s the only thing I could think of that would get people’s attention and instead of pointing fingers at each other, perhaps they’d start pointing them where I thought they deserved to be – those that are causing this shit show of a mess! And contrary to MANY beliefs, it isn’t just one person, nor one party or another – it’s far bigger then that. It’s a matrix that we’ve all been spoon fed, one that is ingrained within us at a very deep level – to believe that one party or person is better or superior then another. It is one that feeds debate and hate – it, like religion, has given people another reason to hate each other, another reason to fight, another reason to blame, another reason to dehumanize another on account of superiority.

I honestly hate discussing the shit because I don’t think one is better then another, I think it’s a scam and one we all play into well. We expect ONE person to change things and when our idea of change doesn’t happen, then it gives us a reason to blame and hate them or their party. And the thing is, we’re hating on one person that we know damn well doesn’t have the sole power to make these changes! Isn’t that the point of the American Judicial System, to come together for the common good? I don’t see any of that, and maybe that’s the negativity of my mindset showing forth, only seeing the horror that’s being caused, but this election, that’s all I seem to see.

I can not stand to glance at a picture of Syrian refugees – men, women or children and not almost break down. I can not stand to wonder if that was me and my family and we were hated to such extremes, being hunted like animals, to think of having to watch my daughter starve while we try to escape to stay alive – FOR WHAT? I am always trying to tell my daughter “those kids didn’t ask for that” or “they didn’t chose to be that color, just like we didn’t choose to be white, females or American – they don’t deserve that kind of treatment on account of what they were born into – just like we don’t deserve to be superior because of it.”


This mentality of all things such as politics, religion, racism, sexism is nothing but us thinking we’re superior to the next. It doesn’t promote empathy or sympathy of other human beings, it promotes entitlement, greed and power. I don’t want to hear the latest debate or who is going to make more empty ‘promises’ to change, even if there is good and real intention behind it –  because they aren’t the ones calling the shots in the end! (Which is another reason I don’t watch TV or read the news!) I hope people start to take a step back and really ask themselves why they believe the things they do, why they’re supporters of a certain party or what they stand for and is that their true, honest belief, or is it because of what your family, friends, community or society has always done? Is it because of certain trigger words that are being said? Is it because the media has portrayed one aspect of a much larger spectrum? Is what you expect from a party or candidate something that you personally do in your own daily life? That question can go either way, good or bad – do you have those same qualities? Do you hate Muslims to the extent that you’d be willing to stand there and watch them and their children burn at the stake – even the innocent ones? Would you be willing to stand at the shore and watch them drown with their children in life boats after days of being lost at sea? I’m not even just talking about these larger issues – even on a ‘smaller’ scale, would you be willing to pull the trigger on your neighbor because he votes different on the ballot then you? Do you still shop at all corporate places and support the one percent, but expect one individual to take them down single handedly in office? Do you treat the earth like shit but expect them to clean the oceans of pollution? Do you support Monsanto/GMO’s etc. but hate God for the fatal diseases that are taking the lives of so many you love?

I will be the first to admit, I am not in total alignment with all of these ‘beliefs’ I have. It’s not to say we can change all of this, especially by election time and it doesn’t mean we won’t have a government or that we won’t still need to vote, but it does mean more then you think. From Walmart, to factory farms, to McDonald’s, to Monsanto – do you know how many small town businesses they’ve driven out of business, how many families have had hardships and how much CONTROL they have over us because of it? I’m willing to bet you couldn’t fathom! Half of them sit on the FDA boards, keeping us ‘safe’, while paying off who they can in the Senate and House. But – do you know what they depend on? They depend on their consumers – that’s US – that’s the PEOPLE. Do you know what happens when WE start making a stand in a different way, in a non violent, non hateful, non bloodshed way – instead by simply choosing to redirect our dollars to the little man, or educate ourselves on the food and pharmaceutical industries? That’s when you get headlines like “Walmart plans to close 269 stores this year, including 154 in the US.”

For all looking to take a stand – to have the final say – maybe we should quit hating the next guy so much, maybe we should think of the mom overseas fighting to feed her child, who would kill to have our hardships, maybe we should think for just a moment during our ‘superior’ days of what is considered luxury to many, what it would be like to watch your kids, nieces, nephews, or grandchildren die in your arms on account of lack of a 10$ vaccination, a 3$ meal, clean drinking water – on account of hate, on account of thinking one size fits all, if one is bad, let’s kill them all, on account of ignorance, on account of lack of human compassion, on account of not listening to our own inner self and giving into the matrix that they want us too – to feed off of hate and blame.

The only place I know I stand in all of this, is that I can’t be a supporter of a Trump. To know this is something that we, as a country are supporting – makes me sick. To think we’d rather have a well run ‘business led country’ versus one that is based off of values and morals may be one of the most heartbreaking things in our history yet. Remember in history class when we learned about Hitler, remember when we said ‘never ever would we allow that – why didn’t they stop it’ – well maybe we should ask if we are allowing it? On a scale both big and small? Seriously ask yourself – remind yourself that they simply hated Jews because they could – because they were taught too. On many levels, we’re all Hitler to some degrees, and the mentality that an eye for an eye is going to make us richer or better, that our flag will fly higher, that our lives will be happier or that our bank accounts will be bigger – is a hoax we’ve all sadly fed into. One that has yet to get us any of that. And I guess if that’s all you’re striving for on this human plane – then you’re on the right path! For all others, take it down a level – take it down to the individual level – to your home, your kids, your life – what impact are you making? Trump, Hilary, Sanders – whatever – whoever – what about YOU?!

I dare you to look at these photos and not try and put yourself in this picture, I dare you to not feel any sort of sympathy or human compassion for these people. There are starving mouths just as much here as anywhere – but this war between us all, this reason to disagree or fight isn’t helping anyone either.



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