Perfect Storm


There’s no denying hindsight is 20/20. We’ve all looked back on situations in our life and thought “how the hell did I not see that coming?” There were all of these passive thoughts and feelings…inklings that we chose to ignore, thinking they were of false pretense. Only in the end for there to be this explosion, this devastating storm that leaves us low and drained, fueled with a tornado of emotions that were suppressed but now raging. I’ve had 2 major life experiences where focusing on  the hindsight nearly killed me, both in a depressive, as well as an anger driven state. Two different experiences, fueled by different underlying factors – death and divorce. Both spent in states of replaying what I coulda, shoulda, woulda changed. But the divorce, I would have to say -was far more prevalent as far as indicating signals – random thoughts, gut instincts that something was off, change in behavior – that was one that I could’ve changed, but instead chose to ignore. And as much as I hated him, I began to hate myself even more, for ignoring what I knew was truth, instead choosing to tell myself otherwise.

There are many things in this life that hindsight serves us, but by the time it does, it’s often too late. It’s that whole ‘hind’ part of it that really doesn’t do us much good. However, it works nicely when needing to keep people suppressed – by guilt, depression, anger, hate, sadness – alot of the times focusing on that rear view mirror that we’ve been spoon fed to believe we have to feel shitty for – for the rest of our lives – that we rarely ever stop to think about foresight. What if, instead of waiting for more bad things to happen, or continuing to live in misery and victimization of our current circumstances (only to have another reason to debate or complain about) – we chose to get ahead of it? What if, we could change and alter the outcome of our personal lives, community, nation and global problems? In order to do such a thing, we’d have to be willing to look beyond a veil that has always blanketed us, fogging our vision and mindset.

As we look around the world, both within our country and beyond, we see this fueled fire almost everywhere. This state of chaos that seems uncontrollable. All of these emotions and opinions that are constantly voiced in defense of every angle. Everyone is wondering how in the hell we’ve ended up here, taking a look around this country wondering what land we’re standing on. I find it interesting, that the more I listen to people discuss issues ranging from Kaepernick to the ND pipeline, from 9/11 to our current financial state, from Bradgelina’s current relationship status to political views- the more I realize the only thing I’m hearing is – well – complaints and opinions, none of which seem to be targeted towards a solution, instead so many feeling helpless and victimized, angry and depleted. There’s what seems to be an ever growing division of ‘groups’ – black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter – those that appreciate what Kaepernick is standing, (or shall I say not standing for), and those that demand the respect of the American flag and what it stands for. We’ve got Trump supporters, Hilary supporters and straight up non-supporters. We’ve got Catholics, Lutherans, Protestants, Muslims and Baptists, we’ve got the upper class, the dwindling middle class and ever growing lower class. This, is clearly the tip of the iceberg as to what people debate about, but are some of the “hotter” topics.

I invite you to see what a perfect storm is being created here. The circus gets more entertaining while those in the background play with their puppets, making them dance and sing, fight and argue, promise and lie juuuuuust the way they want them too – oh no I’m sorry – let me rephrase, the way they want us too – turns out we’re part of the show! (bet you didn’t know you were going to be casted eh?! 😉 Now, I know this is going to be tough for many to swallow, and it was for me as well – but please, allow me to entertain you for a bit…not for debate – because that’s not what I’m going for – instead for awakening, for freedom, outside of any flag, of any government, of any 1% – beyond all of that – freedom to think and act for yourself while the barriers around these old belief systems begin to crumble. Because if we truly want change, like I hear everyone say they want change – it isn’t up to any of “them” to do that for us – it’s up to US as a human race to do it for ourselves. There isn’t any president, any congress, or any judge that is going to solve this for us, and the problem is, we’ve relied on others to do it for us, for far too long. In that process, (and I’m not talking in terms of a couple Presidential terms, I’m talking hundreds of years) we – as a collective – not only as Americans, but as a human race have lost ourselves, our freedoms, our love, our dreams and our unity.

What if, instead of being the puppets that we’ve always been, choosing to point the finger towards the next guy, as we’ve always done before, (and we’ve been trained to do it well!) – we chose to look beyond the obvious. We’ve been stuck in this sickening cycle, whether it was blaming the Indians for not getting off “our” land or those that don’t respect our flag the way you think they should, or that we feel we’re superior enough above all others to build a wall, it’s just run around, always coming back to the same basic convo – giving a war for the egos to justify who’s “better”. If we want change, we’d have to be willing to shut off all the opinions and blame – choosing to see what lies behind all of these smaller distractions. Here are the pictures that come to mind for me – it’s Alice in Wonderland, it’s watching Katnis in the Hunger Games shoot the arrow in the arena, to prove that there’s a glitch in the system, that the arena is fabricated. It’s watching Four and Tris in the Allegiant climb over the wall to realize what is actually going on outside of their little segregated lives to view the ‘behind the scenes’. For those that aren’t familiar with any of those, think of it as a magic show – you see the trick on the stage, but you’re unaware of what is happening behind the scenes to create this illusion that you’re awed over. It’s simply waking up – it’s realizing that there is a ‘behind the scenes’ and it’s very much dominating us, not only as a nation, but as a race. It’s the ‘great divide’ in The Land Before Time. 😉 You see, if you keep people so preoccupied with constantly debating and fighting amongst themselves, while throwing in some Pokemon Go to distract them a little longer and farther, then they’ll be so busy with that, they’ll have no clue that anything at all is beyond that wall or the man made arena, beyond the veil of the illusion in which has been created. They have done it, and they’ve done it very well – and they’ve done it for yeeeears – as in hundreds!

They’ve put together such perfect systems in order to keep separation, I mean really, you have to give them credit for how nicely it was thought out and even better how well it’s played out. This is obvious in ways both big and small, you simply can not suppress a person and expect that at some point there won’t be kickback. On a smaller scale, it may be misery in a job or a relationship, despite the reasoning behind it or for it – everyone has their breaking point. So whether this behavior is lashing out at a partner, boss or child, more often then not, it’s coming from something beyond that current situation at hand. Have you ever lashed out at someone over something minuet, when that wasn’t even the real reason you were angry in the first place? It’s like screaming at your spouse for not putting their dirty clothes in the hamper, when in all reality, it had nothing to do with the damn clothes, it had everything to do with the 10 shitty things that happened in your day before that! Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about – you’ve all had your 15 minutes of fame in the realm of nut houses! 😉 Ha The problem is, noone takes the time to evaluate where in our lives we’re being sucked dry, suppressed etc. This is a perfect example of why you have uprisings, this is why you have protests, although not always done in the best fashion, people are just sick of being shushed! They want to have a voice, even if sometimes that voice doesn’t know where exactly it stands or what it’s trying to express. Even if that voice leads to actions that aren’t in their best interest. I’m not okaying people’s bad behavior, but honestly what are we to expect?! Everyone is full of opinions, that’s obvious, but it’s reached a point where people are starting to realize that talking in circles isn’t getting us anywhere. So, while some are still so stuck on the part (as if we’re in elementary school) needing to take a “side” for or against all these different causes, some are just plain and sick of tired of talking and debating over it and feeling as though they have to take a stance. For me personally, it isn’t about what each of these groups are standing for, it’s about taking a stance, as a unified front against a system that most don’t agree with, and a system that sure as shit isn’t transparent in ANY form. It’s about taking back our power, as a people – preferably in a non-violent way, but in one that isn’t dictated by these people behind the screen. It’s about getting back to the basics – as in morals. It’s about less judgement upon each other and instead putting the spotlight on those puppets and people that sit in these “high and mighty” places. And not a spotlight asking questions just to get the same lies that we’ve heard a million times over either, instead forcing them to expose all the things we’ve been fed to believe are nothing but conspiracy theories

 I would just like to say, there are parts of these entries that may be heavily saturated with sarcasm, turns out there isn’t a font for that yet. 😉 However, I in no way, mean to offend anyone. The thing is, we’re all in this together, and we’re all as guilty as the next guy to some degree. So it isn’t about degrading, it’s about bringing forth an awareness to something that is foreign to far too many. As with anything, there must first be awareness before there can be true change. This is also something that people will be forced to see over the next few years. This isn’t any of our faults, and yet to a degree, I suppose it’s all of our faults, for not questioning, for believing the stories, for not doing our own research, aside if ‘everyone else was doing it’, for giving into their circus and getting caught up in the webs they so perfectly wove. However, that isn’t the point, the point is, we’re here – and by being here – we have the opportunity to change it. The number one problem with this, is there aren’t many that truly believe that what they do on a personal level can impact on a global level. I’d just like to say welcoooome to the 1st bullshit lie you’ve been fed! This is only the surface of so many other underlying things, but it’s just a glimpse to hopefully allow your conscious mind to plant a seed outside of what it’s been taught. One that I hope will ignite a flame that will become more curious, intriguing you to do your own investigating, or just be willing to look at things from a slightly different angle. Because oddly enough those “bogus” articles or “insane conspiracy theories” may not be quite as “bogus” or “insane” as you originally thought. I guess at this point – nothing is going to hurt, right?! The way things have been done haven’t gotten us anywhere – except more pissed off and separated, maybe if we were willing to go against the grain of what everyone else is doing, in a new way – we could lay a more solid foundation for something new.

 The less we give into the circus and games they toy us with and the more we start to realize that taking a stand in a new and different way may be more beneficial. Clearly, this whole play by their rules and vote for someone who swears they’ll make it better isn’t making anything better – why? Because they’re in it for their own reasons – none of which lines up with what is best for the overall majority, and I don’t care which party you’re voting for, that is the plain and simple fact. You can’t whole heartedly trust someone with every fiber of your being when you agree with less then half of their basic moral viewpoints. We don’t agree or believe in half of what they say and yet out of obligation of being a citizen (as we’ve been fed to believe) we feel we’re terrible people if we just straight up quit giving into their game, aka voting. What happens when all the players on a football field or basketball court step off the playing grounds? The game is over isn’t it? Why would this be any different? Are there things that may go along with the fall and rise of old and new government, yes, that’s a good possibility. But if we want change then we have to be willing to walk through the dips in order to see the view from the other side. And what helps make that walk a little easier in any area of our lives? Others to walk it with. The more we stick together and continue to walk off the playing field one by one, the more we’ll have to walk side by side with, giving comfort as we go.

So, the more we begin to look beyond the little segments of media creating more fear, hate and division and chose to come together as a whole, perhaps the quicker we’ll see the change that is desperately needed! So, in order to not just talk this talk, but also walk this walk – you’ll have to be willing to play with a few ‘out of the box’ ideas. If you’re willing to put down your ego and set aside all the shit you’ve ever been fed to believe is “right, just, good, brave, honorable, bad, unjust, criminal or disrespectful”, if you’re willing to put down some of your belief systems (by the way, all of 80% of what we do/say/believe is based off of someone else’s ideas, we picked it up along the way, either from school, parents, friends, media or society – original is few and far between these days lol) then maybe we can all come out on the other side, perhaps even better then before!

**If you are sick of being a sheep hearded along and are ready to help awaken those still sleeping, then please share on social media**











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